Our participant joined the eMploY-ABILITY project through our delivery partner, CPLT.  She had been unemployed for 13 years whilst bringing up children and was low in confidence and suffering from anxiety.  

She felt her IT skills needed refreshing and she needed support with job searching.  Working with our Key Worker at PRC JobSmart, our participant completed a Computers for Intermediate course at the City College.

She also attended the PRC Jobsmart Mindset programme which supports emotional wellbeing and was able to access LifeMoney to help with financial worries and also Cruse where she was able to receive grief counselling.

After receiving this support and feeling more confident, we were able to place our participant on a CBT course to be able to drive a moped to work.  She had several job searching sessions with Bev, our Key Worker and we are so very pleased to say that she exited the project in employment in the care sector.

We wish her congratulations and all the best in her new role! 

Get involved - 3 ways to join the eMploY-ABILITY journey…

  • Refer your clients 
  • Provide support and services
  • Open doors to volunteering, work experience & employment

For enquiries regarding services or volunteering/work experience/employment 

Please contact the BBO Team at employability@communitieseast.com

eMploY-ABILITY is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund


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