Dave Ellis

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  1. How long have you been a trustee and chairman for PCVS?
    I have been a trustee for more than 5 years, 3½ of which as chairman.
  2. Why did you want to become a trustee?
    It started when our son & daughter joined the RAF Air Cadets whilst I was serving in the RAF. They left many years ago but it is a very worthwhile youth organisation so I have continued to be involved so as to give something back.
  3. When you are not working as a trustee, what do you do?
    I am retired but I have been volunteering as a trustee with the RAF Air Cadets here in Peterborough and throughout Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire as Wing Chairman for 28 years mentoring and overseeing 30 groups of trustees.
  4. What is your proudest achievement as a Trustee for PCVS?
    Growing the board and the move to and opening of our current premises.
  5. What is your top tip for those who are considering becoming a trustee?
    Be on top of your brief and be prepared to give your time freely.
  6. What is your favourite pastime?
    These days watching rugby after playing for many years.
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