1. What attracted you to become a Trustee for PCVS?

It’s an opportunity to give back to an organisation that has supported me in my work many times over the years.

2. When you are not working as a trustee, what do you do?

My role is Head of Community Action for KingsGate Community Church and I lead the community outreach that our church is involved in.

3. What is your background and your experiences to date?

I have worked in the voluntary sector with different organisations for more than 20 years both as a frontline worker and in management roles. I have been a volunteer in lots of different places and organisations since I was a teenager so have a good understanding of how it feels to be a volunteer and lead volunteer teams.

4. What valuable skills will you bring to the Board?

As well as strategy development and VCS leadership, my experience of the local VCS, my knowledge of its strengths and the challenges it faces will be useful.

5. What are your hobbies?

At the moment, I am studying for a MSc in Voluntary Sector Management so am chained to my study books! During Covid, I decided to learn a musical instrument and have been torturing my family with my attempts to learn the ukulele!

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