Volunteer Centre

Welcome to the PCVS Volunteer Centre!

Peterborough Volunteer Centre acts as the hub for volunteering activity in the City, working with both organisations and volunteers. We provide training, referrals and comprehensive all-round support.

Why Volunteer?

Gain experience
​Volunteering can help provide you with valuable experience, in lots of different areas.
Develop new skills
Gain new skills such as IT or administration, through to working with people with special needs, DIY or first aid. You will get lots of training through Volunteer organisations.
Volunteering is fulfilling
​Volunteering is a great way of meeting new people and making friends whilst doing something you are interested in. Being a volunteer is a great way to build self-esteem and confidence and a feeling of achievement knowing you have.
Give something back
​Volunteering is a practical way of helping your own community to grow and develop. It gives you a chance to give back to your community by sharing your own skills and knowledge and also meet new people and build new friendships.
​Build your employability
Volunteering is a great way to bridge gaps in your CV and also gives you a recent reference for employers to contact. By having volunteering on your CV you are showing that you are proactive with gaining new experience and knowledge and this is beneficial when looking for employment. It also gives the chance to make new contacts with employment possibilities.


Visit the Do-it website
You will find volunteer opportunities in Peterborough. You can apply for these on the Do-it web site. Your completed applications are processed by us here in Peterborough! Do-it is a national database of volunteering opportunities which can be viewed on the internet. Peterborough Volunteer Centre are connected to this database and act as a gateway to local opportunities. Potential volunteers can then express an interest and their details will be sent to us. We will then refer that person to their chosen organisation.
Click here to visit the do-it websiteMake an appointmentContact us if you would like to make an appointment or discuss your interest in volunteering directly. Our offices are based right in the City Centre and is easily accessible by public transport.

Information for Organisations

We help you to recruit and work effectively with volunteers
Many voluntary groups, statutory organisations and public bodies use volunteers to enhance their services. Peterborough Volunteer Centre helps to recruit and place volunteers and offers additional support, advice and information to organisations with their volunteer policies, procedures, and recruiting.Volunteering comes in many forms:Regular volunteering – A couple of hours a week or a few days per month enabling a regular position within the organisation to take up a role such as administration.One off volunteering – Attending community and fundraising events, seasonal activities eg. gift wrapping, fireworks stewards or environmental work eg. tree planting and litter pickingMicro volunteering – A commitment free form of volunteering in short timeframes. It is usually less than two hours. It can be in your organisation or home based. Tasks that can be given to micro volunteers are include:

  • Describe images or reading for visually impaired
  • Write letters/emails
  • Typing
  • Holding collection tins
  • Attending a coffee morning
  • Walking a pet
  • Translating documents
  • Web Research

Employer volunteering – Very popular with organisations providing staff for volunteering either on a casual basis or as a regular time donation.

Beneficiary volunteering – Service users giving back to the organisation.

The Volunteer Centre is keen to come out and visit your organisation to discuss current and future volunteering vacancies and any other volunteering queries you may have.
This is a great opportunity to spend a little time thinking about your volunteering needs, whether it’s to update and make current vacancies more attractive or create new volunteering roles, the Volunteer Centre can help with both. A visit to your organisation is a really useful way for the Centre to get a feel for your work which is shared with potential volunteers.

If your organisation would like to discuss or register your volunteer needs with the Volunteer Centre please contact us.

Training For Groups and Organizations Using Volunteers
The Volunteer Centre offers training opportunities to organisations and individuals covering aspects of volunteer management.

Volunteer Strategy

Peterborough Volunteer Centre work with other local volunteer involving groups and has developed a Volunteer Strategy for Peterborough.

Volunteer Mentoring Project

Managed by the Peterborough Volunteer Centre, the Volunteer Mentoring Project is a self-development project that helps to identify and address barriers people face on their journey to successful employment.
Working with the most disadvantaged unemployed people, we help them to become more positive and make their lives more rewarding and self-fulfilling. In turn, this plays a bigger part in their community, helping them to access local facilities which could include colleges, support agencies and volunteering.

Five Star Focus Scheme

The Five Star focus is a sign-up scheme for all volunteer involving organisations, community groups and sports clubs, endorsing excellence in volunteer management to help you successfully recruit, retain and value volunteers.
There are 5 sections: *Planning for volunteer involvement *Recruitment; and Induction *Support and Safety *Training and Personal Development. *Involving, Rewarding and Recognising Volunteers

All you need to do is complete a simple checklist and access support from your nearest Volunteer Centre listed below.

Ely & District Volunteer Centre
01353 666556
[email protected]

Fenland Volunteer Centre
01945 582192
[email protected]

Huntingdonshire Volunteer Centre
01480 414766
[email protected]

Peterborough Volunteer Centre
01733 342683
[email protected]

We can offer 1-1 support and direction to assist you get the procedures and policies in place to fully support your volunteers. We then ask for submission by e-mail so that we can see evidence that procedures and policies are in place so that we can award the certificate.

However, should more support be required, then organisations can register to attend a workshop (usually priced at £75 per person per workshop-min 10 people) or pay for a follow-up 1:1 consultation.
For those wishing to obtain Five Star Focus Quality Mark without attending the workshop, a charge of £60 will apply per organisation to cover the cost of administration, document checking, certificate presentation and use of Five Star Focus Logo. Scheme accreditation will be valid for 3 years.

Organisations with a gross annual income less than £30,000

£15 per half hour
£30 per hour

Organisations with a gross annual income of more than £30,000

£30 per half hour
£60 per hour

Once everything is complete, we will present you with a certificate and your name will appear as one of our Five Star Focus Champions on Cambridgeshire.net.

‘Endorsing Excellence in Volunteer Management’

Volunteering in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

In October 2007, six Volunteer Centres in Cambridgeshire established a new network organisation to provide a recognised hub of volunteering expertise across the county. These six organisations are all members of Volunteering England and have achieved their Quality Standards Accreditation.

The members include:

  • Cambridge & District Volunteer Centre
  • Ely & District Volunteer Centre
  • Fenland Volunteer Centre
  • Peterborough Volunteer Centre
  • Huntingdonshire Volunteer Centre (offices at Huntingdon, Ramsey, St Ives and St Neots)
  • Royston & District Volunteer Centre

The Network
This network encourages the provision and delivery of high quality, cohesive volunteering services to potential volunteers, existing volunteers and volunteers involving organisations across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough which meet the needs of the diverse population of the county. Some of our activities will include:

  • Being the first point of reference in the county on issues relating to volunteering
  • Developing a single registration process for county wide volunteering involving organisations
  • Increasing marketing opportunities throughout the county, which will in turn increase volunteering awareness.
  • Increasing the number and diversity of people volunteering
  • Improving communication with all stakeholders in the county
  • Helping to deliver quality volunteering experiences
  • Raising the standards of volunteer management
  • Providing a stronger, more inclusive voice on matters relating to volunteering.