Helpful Hints for Involving Volunteers

Helpful Hints for Involving Volunteers

Involving Volunteers for the first time, then be prepared, it’s the best for everyone so your organisation, the volunteer and the client group can enjoy the best experience possible.

Before recruiting have a look at the questions below

  • What tasks do we want volunteers to complete?
  • Have we got role outlines for these?
  • How many volunteers do we really need? (Have you calculated this properly or just guessed?)
  • How long do we need them for?
  • When do we need them?
  • What training will they need to complete the tasks involved?
  • What support will they require and who will give it?
  • Does our organisation and all the staff involved understand why we are involving volunteers and support them?

3-way Win

Volunteer’s gain from being involved in an organisation or community, socialising and pride in knowing they are helping others, they will also be your best ambassadors for your organisation.

The Organisation gains from the variety of cultures, skills and character of volunteers, enjoying fresh ideas from different perspectives; organisations can expand their services and are able to deliver more to their client group.

The receiving clients will benefit from time volunteers are able to give and from the extended services volunteers provide.

Get it right and everyone wins