Projects & Services

Peterborough CVS exists to provide practical help with office services, year-end independent accounts checks, salaries, advice on funding, and on any issue concerning voluntary  groups or charities:

  • Providing support services such as information, advice and training.
  • Identifying new needs and developing initiatives for meeting them.
  • Promoting a partnership between statutory and voluntary sectors in the delivery of welfare and other services.
  • Supporting innovation, accountability and good practice in local services.
  • Encouraging local groups and organisations to put forward their views on local and national policies and decisions that affect them.
  • Creating and promoting forums and channels used by government and other bodies to consult the community.
  • Providing these supports in a special way and with particular values, working with people, groups and communities in a flexible, open way and challenging inequality.
  • Peterborough CVS also exists to provide practical help, with office equipment, word-processing etc, can help with funding applications, training through day workshops and Open College Network accreditation courses and advice on any issue concerning voluntary groups or charities.

The projects that we currently run include Direct Payments, Communities East, Health Network and Youth Inspired.

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