Ratilal Joshi

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I was born in India but migrated to Uganda, East Africa when I was 5-6 years old. My dad, and my two brothers were employed by a Sugar Manufacturer. Having finished my school, I joined the same establishment. I left Uganda in 1971 and arrived in London. I worked in the accounts department for an importer of fruit and meat from Australia. In 1975, I joined Thomas Cook and relocated to Peterborough. I worked there with Thomas Cook until 1992.

I worked for Peterborough City Council and my last employer was English Nature, later to be named as Natural England, which was part of DEFRA.

I was appointed to the Magistracy in 1988 from where I retired in 2017. I have been Registrar of Wedding at Hindu Temple.

There was “Ethnic Minority forum” in PCC, and I represented Hindu Community on that forum. This was disbanded and PCVS was formed inviting major charity organisations to join. As I was a member of the predecessor committee, I wanted to join PCVS, but my work commitment prevented me to do so. Since I retired, I have time on my hand to devote to the community so I joined the PCVS panel.

I am also a trustee of Citizens Advice Peterborough.

I have been Secretary, President, and Trustee of Hindu community. I have been member and Chair of the Peterborough Racial Equality Council.

Although our family roots are in India, I grew up in Uganda (East Africa). Our family was involved in exhibiting movies (mainly Indian movies) so I have keen interests in background work that takes place before the movies are screened. I used to organise Indian Movie shows in Peterborough, Huntingdon, Cambridge, Norwich, Oxford, and Colchester. I have Uganda at my heart. I recently organised 50th anniversary of arrival of Uganda Asians in Peterborough. My favourite holiday destinations have always been India and East Africa. I love Indian and African arts.

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