Sheila Walsh

Acting Co-Chair
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Sheila Walsh was born in India. She came to England aged 5 and was determined to make her mark.  Having trained as a journalist, she learnt how to do Q/A in an effective and probing way.  She joined a London Employment Agency working with lawyers / accountants/ stockbrokers and travelled to Sydney Australia to open a new branch.

When she returned back to the UK, she became Governor of Godmanchester primary school and moved on to be the Governor of Huntingdon Technical College.  Later she became a member of Learning Schools Council.  She organised “Focus Groups” and seminars involving police/fire/education/councils as a freelance marketeer.

In her spare time, Sheila enjoys travel, visiting art galleries and loves spending time walking her dog, Victor.

Sheila believes that good communication is the key to better and deeper understanding of people and the problems we face. Dialogue is vital in getting lasting solutions.  We are a wonderful diverse society that needs to understand our differing backgrounds and cultures.  Together we are stronger and it is vital we secure a better future for our families and partners, Sheila says "I  hope I can make a useful contribution. We face challenging times and  I am excited to be helping PCVS and all associated on our journey."


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