Direct Payments

Welcome to Direct Payments!

PCVS Direct Payments Support Service provides information, advice and support with all aspects of Direct Payments.

PCVS Direct Payments Support Team provide a friendly, flexible support service for people in Peterborough who receive Direct Payments as part of their “care package”.

We offer free and independent advice and support. The Team has a strong understanding of social care in Peterborough, built on years of experience, working closely with Adult Social Care, Health professionals, charities, voluntary groups and other services.

We support service-users to set up and manage their Direct Payments in order to promote more choice and control over their own care and support.

PCVS Direct Payments Support Service is part of a registered charity, not for profit and driven by service-user needs.

For more information, see “What we Provide”.

What are direct payments?

Direct Payments are payments to individuals who have been assessed as having “eligible needs” for social care. They enable people to choose how to arrange their own care and support. The Fair Access to Care Services (FACS) guidance offers advice about how needs are assessed. From April 2013, Peterborough City Council will fund social care only for people whose needs have been assessed as substantial or critical only. The purpose of Direct Payments is to increase choice and independence by giving service-users more control over their own care and support. Direct Payments have been available since 1997. There is no minimum or maximum for a Direct Payment. But it must be cost effective and of a quality acceptable to the Local Authority. More guidance on Direct Payments can be found from the Department of Health.

Who can get direct payments?

Anyone assessed by the Council as having “eligible needs” for support, who is also able and willing to manage the Direct Payment, either alone or with support. This includes: Older or disabled people aged 16 or over People with long term illness, sensory impairment, mental health problems A carer assessed as needing support in their own right A person with parental responsibility for a disabled child

How can I get direct payments?

Contact Peterborough City Council Social Care Department who will arrange to have your needs assessed. If you have your own Support Plan, this will help you to explain your needs to the person who does the assessment. You can get help to draw up your own Support Plan from PCVS if you have a learning disability.

Setting up your direct payments

After funding has been agreed, you will need: Bank Account – You will need a separate Bank Account. This will be for Direct Payments only. You will be asked to keep Bank statements. Financial Assessment – Your finances will be assessed by the Council and you may be asked to pay a contribution towards the costs of care arranged using your Direct Payments. Contract – If the Social Care Department agrees that you need support, you will be asked to sign a Contract that sets out what you can use your Direct Payments for and how much you will receive.

What we provide

PCVS Direct Payments Support Service offers: Information and advice Help to set up a separate Bank Account Employers Liability Insurance and advice on becoming an Employer Payroll Service to help with Tax, N.I, Statutory Sick Pay etc. Financial Records support Problem solving YOU CAN CHOOSE: Telephone advice Appointment to meet an adviser in our accessible City Centre office Drop In Service Home visits on request if you can’t get to the office

Service-users’ support network / Coffee n’ Chat

You are invited to join us Come and share your ideas and experiences with other Direct Payments service users. This will be your chance to: Chat to people who understand your situation Share experiences of what works well Hear from Speakers and ask questions Enjoy a drink and a friendly get together First Tuesday of the month, from 10.30 am to 12.30 Venue: PCVS Offices

Funding & statistics

PCVS Direct Payments Support Service is funded by Peterborough City Council Adult Social Care. PCVS support Direct Payments service-users who have been referred by Peterborough Adult Social Care or parents of children who have been referred by Peterborough Childrens Services. Direct Payments Support service-users ask for help to manage different aspects of their Direct Payments. Total number of service-users – 427 (July 2013) Adult service-users – 399 Children – 28 Our 2013 Quality Survey showed the range of support used by different individuals. Some people used one or more parts of the service. Some people needed support to manage all aspects of the Direct Payments. 70% use the Support Service to understand the Direct Payments scheme 56% use the Support Service to help resolve problems with their Direct Payment 160 use PCVS Payroll services to process Tax, National Insurance and Statutory payments. 137 requests for support to complete Financial Records What service-users said: 52% said they would not be able to cope with Direct Payments without support 46% said PCVS is their only source of support with Direct Payments 39% said PCVS is their main source of support with Direct Payments 30% have support from a social worker 19% have support from a health professional or another professional 93% said that using Direct Payments has improved their quality of life. 96% said that the Direct Payments Support Service offers a good quality service.