Volunteering Centre

The Peterborough Volunteer Centre is committed to providing

  • A suitable volunteer placement for anyone who is able to help the organisation to provide a service to the community
  • A safe working environment for all its volunteers
  • Reasonable expenses which are incurred as a direct result of volunteering for PCVS
  • An induction process and relevant training for all volunteers
  • Support for all its volunteers
  • Fair and equal treatment to all volunteers

Whether you want to boost your self-esteem, learn new skills or give back to your local community, there are plenty of compelling reasons to volunteer:

  • Follow your passion – with hundreds of opportunities available, you have the freedom to work in an area you’re really passionate about
  • Boost your employability – volunteering gives the chance to fill in gaps in your CV and show potential employees that you’re proactive about self-development
  • Have fun – volunteering is a fun and social activity. You’ll meet lots of like-minded people, who you can both learn from and share your skills with
  • Find fulfilment – perhaps above all else, volunteering is a really rewarding experience that lets you give something back to your community and make it a better place for everyone living there

Fancy giving it a go?

You can email volunteering@pcvs.co.uk or go directly to our dedicated volunteering website, Go-ViP.

Go Volunteer in Peterborough (Go-ViP) is a one stop shop for:

  • Volunteers - register and browse the latest volunteering opportunities
  • VCS groups - upload your volunteering opportunities and find volunteers


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