Our Members

We have more than 500 members which include a diverse range of Peterborough’s charities and volunteering groups.

Membership is free and you can join by filling out a simple application form. Our members benefit from being able to access free advice and guidance in various areas of running their charity/group/organisation. They are kept up to date of the various forums and events that we run via our email updates, funding and our monthly newsletter. We promote any vacancies or activities that members offer via these channels and through our social media.

See what some of our members say about the support they get from us. If you feel your group/charity can benefit from our membership visit our “Becoming a Member” page.

Little Miracles

I just want to say a massive thank you to PCVS for all the support that they have provided us with over the years but especially during CoVid.  Like many small charities we have really struggled over this period and the support that PCVS has provided has been amazing.  There has been practical advice and help with obtaining funding but the most useful part for ourselves has been how they have worked tirelessly to bring groups together so that we can share resources and support the people who we work with has been excellent resulting in a better service for people living and working within the city."

Michelle King

Community First

“Community First (Peterborough) are well connected with the very diverse and deprived communities of our inner-city area of the city of Peterborough. With the onset of Covid-19 and the first lockdown, we were delighted to have the facility through PCVS to network with so many other charities so that we could support one another run helping those in need. For example, we started a food distribution service to fill gaps of other providers and knew that through PCVS we could tap into many sources of advice and specialist help. PCVS have also facilitated specialist groups for such services as food, mental health, disabilities and domestic abuse, the last of which we are leading on. In sum, having PCVS resourced to support the network of local and national charities across Peterborough has been a key enabler of our service to people in need.”

Adrian Holdstock
Chair, Community First (Peterborough) and Vicar, St Mark’s Church, Lincoln Road

Chinese Community in Peterborough

"Thank you and everyone at PCVS for all your ongoing support and guidance over the years, which not only has helped our group to grow and develop to a stronger community but also upskilled our management members and volunteers and connected us with many other communities."

Faustina Yang
Community Leader for Chinese Community in Peterborough (CIP)

East Timorese Association Peterborough

"PCVS has given us a lot of support since 2013. They have provided us with training on organising and managing finances and writing programs, bringing together founders to meet with community groups etc. In 2019 the Timorese community was able to provide Zumba classes due to support from Health Exchange. Thanks to the PCVS team and personally to CEO, Leonie McCarthy and Christina Alexander for helping register ETAP as a charity this year. Now that we have achieved charity status, the plan is to help people that most need it, bringing together and connecting them with the community. Our focus is also to support people to learn new skills or improve on existing ones and encourage meeting new friends"

Celso Oliveira
ETAP Chairman
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