PCVS Health Projects and Funds


As part of its' core values, PCVS prioritises community health and wellbeing and believes that everyone deserves the best holistic health care and overall wellbeing possible regardless of their race, religion, political belief, economic or social background. This is the ethos of the health projects currently being delivered by the PCVS Health Team:

Communities’ Wellness Project  

PCVS supported 15 community groups, funded by the NHS integrated care system and Peterborough City Council to run various activities for the diverse communities of Peterborough. This health fund aimed to inspire the local community to deliver innovative solutions to help improve health and well-being, support prevention of health issues and address health inequalities. 

REND Project 

The REND project was funded by the ICS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. The professional stakeholders involved in this were a cohort of GPs and medical health professionals and academic health researchers. Academic researchers and medical professionals were spread across the East of England. The aims of the project were to increase awareness of, and participation in, health research amongst underrepresented communities; development of health networks between medical professionals and academics; decrease health inequalities amongst the general population. It's aims were to link medical professionals and researchers together better than before; research would not be duplicated; researchers would have better access to underrepresented communities for research and reduce health inequalities; and communities would be able to partake in health research to better improve their health outcomes.

Community Research Champions 
PCVS, working with the Clinical Research Network, as part of the REND 2 project, have trained 17 individual Research Champions from 9 different community and faith groups. We trained the Research Champions up over three sessions so they understood health research, why and how we do it, and why it is important for health research to reflect the diversity of our society, especially in regards to health inequalities and improving health and social care services to all. The Research Champions have had conversations with their communities to understand the barriers to research and working with them to overcome these barriers into research participation. Their insights will be valuable learning for researchers for working with such communities in the future.


Health Integration Project
The project aims to empower local voluntary sector organisations to be aware of the key local signposting tools for referral to key services and other VCS organisations providing relevant support. Furthermore, local voluntary sector organisations engaged in using and active ownership of their digital presence on signposting tools (Joy and the PCC Directory). In addition, enabling sustainability of VCS activity to tackle health inequalities through infrastructure support. Capacity building where needs to be identified. Supporting good practice and standards within the VCS.

PCVS also works with Voluntary Sector Network: Together for Healthier Communities

The logo of the Voluntary Sector Network

PCVS is a member of the steering group of the The Voluntary Sector Network: Together for Healthier Communities (formerly known as Cambridgeshire and Peterborough VCSE Health Alliance). You can find out more about the network by clicking here.

The Voluntary Sector Network also provides a regular newsletter, click below for the latest edition (May 2024):

Voluntary Sector Network Newsletter May 2024

The Voluntary Sector Network is currently working on the NHS Integrated Neighbourhoods initiative. You may have heard of Integrated neighbourhoods and how we can all play a part in our health and the health of communities we live in. Here's a short film to let you know what an integrated neighbourhood is.

Click here to view the video NHS Integrated Neighbourhoods

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